Mad Fish

Mad Fish
On delivery from Scotland

Thursday, 24 January 2013

St Vincent photos

This is Wallilabou bay St Vincent, which is where they filmed pirates of the carribbean. The boat boy who tied us to the tree had touched Johnny Depp! There is not much left of the set after strong winds in 2008 ripped through the bay.



Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Christmas in Bequia

23rd December to 27th December

We had visited Bequia before in 2000 after Russ did the arc in 99.
Not much had changed and we quickly settled into the place. We were offered lobster for 20 ec per pound which is £5 per pound in the UK. They do not have the big claws like in the UK and seem to be more like crayfish. We did a deal to have a number delivered on Xmas day and a group of us had a beach BBQ. It was slightly dampened by a shower of rain which was lighter and less persistent than the one the day before.

We had a lovely day with intrepid bear, Gary and family on their charter boat, Morning Haze, Oohjah, Rafiki.

The next day we said goodbye to all as we went off to Tyrell Bay in Carriacou on our way to Grenada for the 27th.

On the way to Carriacou we tried fishing and caught 2 fish- well one fish head and a whole fish. It seemed that whilst reeling in our first catch something bigger liked the look of it too and ate the rest. We were grateful that it did not get caught on the line as it was likely to be significantly bigger than our 8lb tuna. We managed to keep the whole of the second fish which fed us all very nicely for the next couple of days.

We had a brilliant 30 mile sail on both of the 2 days. It was downhill all the way, which would mean uphill on the way back, which would be a shame.

Tyrell Bay was a big bay with many live aboard that seemed to have arrived and never left. It was a good sheltered anchorage but with little opportunity to provision but opportunity to eat out. We left early the next morning, but all in all stopped off 3 times and had a good night at anchor on every occasion.
The Pitons

Fish number one - A baby great barracuda.
Christmas Day presents...



St Lucia

14th Dec to 22nd Dec
Apologies for being a poor blogger but time seems to be in short supply. The end of the ARC on dry land was made up of catching up on washing, repairs, keeping track of which kid was on which boat, beach, pool, parties and general socialising. Within a day of arriving I had forgotten it took 17 days to get there. Friendships made in Las Palmas took off from where they left off and exchanges of Atlantic adventures resulted in never a dull moment. We were obviously running on adrenaline. Gary left us on the Sunday to collect Carole and enjoy sleeping in a proper bed in a hotel. It took nearly a month to re organise the boat back to pre arc family of 4 living status as my Mum was to join us for New Year in Greneda. We still have some Atlantic food left and only finished the milk a few days ago. This now means we have to find another uht milk that everyone likes.
Pancakes and Waffles for the ARC kids

St lucia has some reasonable supermarkets where I was able to add to the Xmas treats with the required chocolate oranges for the boys. Russell was treated to a big jar of marmite for ec $ 32 it was the most expensive jar in history (there is 4 ec $ to the £).

Xmas shopping was pretty laid back and there were no crowds. It took about an hour!

The prize giving was on Friday 21st Dec and we had hoped our no engine hours and handicap may have corrected our time to improve on our 6th position on the water in a class of 18. Given we were the rated the 15th slowest on handicap we were pleased but there were prizes for 4th and  an email telling us we had won a prize provided hope. The prize was a t shirt for the kids for participating and we stayed in 6th but 34th overall out of 150 boats which was respectable. Our fate was sealed really as we were rated the same as a swan 46, 44, and a first 36.7 that was far too sleek to be one! A bit of fibbing we feel must have gone on the handicap forms. Our congratulations go to Senta for holding onto 4th, bagging the first kids prize and the female skipper prize too.

We had to stay for the second half to cheer Intrepid Bear for finishing first in the catamaran class. An amazing achievement having only bought the boat early in the year

They kindly shared their drinks voucher prize with us and we continued back on the boat so monster hangovers all around.

The next day we checked out of St Lucia and headed to the Pitons ready for an early morning start to Bequia for Xmas.

We had a larger than expected bill due to a water issue. We had paid someone $ 120 us to polish the boat. Unfortunately the next morning we found that he had left the hose on. In the Caribbean you pay for water at us$10 per 100 gallon. We thought he had wasted 500 gallons but it turned out to be 5000 gallons. A deal was done to pay what they pay which halved the cost. We had paid the man 20 dollars less anyway and then I found Russ had only paid him 50 by mistake. So all in all it was not as bad as it could have been but it was still pretty bad. We are now paranoid about water!

We spentthe night at Soufriere and due to the short timescale would visit the drive in volcano and pitons on our way back up.

We arrived at Bequia late in the 23rd and were photographed on the way in. We bought one of the photos with some money that Russells dad had given for Xmas.

ARC photos

ARC opening ceremony











Ethans Birthday

Olivers Birthday

Broken Track

Oli Driving
Ethans Haircut. It shrunk when it dried...ooops!

Washing up and Roast Dinner

Gary's Birthday Cake

Half way champagne cream tea.

Oli Birthday

Arrival Punch

Gregory delivering fruit Carribbean style

Land after 17.5 days at sea.
Trip round the pirate ship.