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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Azores - TERCEIRA - Part One - 2nd June to ... 4th June 2013

2nd June to ... 4th June 2013

The next day it was an early start for the 50 mile trip to Terceira. We took Carson along for the ride. We were promising fast sailing with the kite up. In reality we had no wind for most of the trip and motored. We did put the kite up for a short while but the angle wasn’t quite right and we had to drop it and revert to the engine again. 

An early start. Easy Rider sets of first.

Sao Jorge, pretty impossible to visit in a yacht as it is so steep sided. It had amazing waterfalls though.

I will not say that we enjoyed the walking tour of Terceira as it was raining and we visited a lot of churches. We felt we had to continue on the tour to the bitter end as a large number had dipped out after the palace. We felt our absence would be noted and as the guide had told us it was his birthday we felt it would be impolite to leave before the end. So we trudged on. The final place was a convent. There was no contact with the outside world, so a revolving door was used to pass food and female unwanted babies into the nunnery. It had the feeling of a prison and I could not see why anyone would want to live in this way. Today it is used as a shelter for women.

The highlight was the bull running. This was still wet. Lyall (yellow shirt) used his best Portuguese to tell the taxi driver to take us to the bull running. This was done by saying moo and pretending to be a bull. The bull is let out a cage and then runs around the street. It is attached to a rope and a number of men stop it from doing any real harm. It did take out a road sign though. The rain got heavier and heavier and it seemed to be only us hardened sailors who perceived.
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Oct 29, 2008 - Uploaded by Damian Little
Terceira is well known for bullfight by the rope. This very special event is unique for Azores. The bull is let ...

Russell pretending to be a bull.

Nick from Kailani defending himself with an umbrella.

Oli waiting for the bull

Oli and Ethan with the professional bull runners.

An impromptu meal was arranged in the marina café. This turned into an impromptu karaoke whether the poor musician liked it or not. Too much wine seems to do that to people. The next day I had the hangover from hell and this did not bode well for the night sail to Sao Miguel. The 90 mile trip was a fantastic sail. 

In true tradditional, on arrival you have to find the best ice cream in the world. maybe not the best, but certainly big and value for money at 1 euro.

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